The health of your flocks, at a glance.

Built for Poultry Vets

Ready-made, web-based morphologic surveys make field diagnostics simple and keep things organized.

Built for the Big Picture

Identify trends by factors such as breed, farm, housing system, age, and laying cycle.

Built for Production

Designed for reporting and relationships within an integrated commercial production model.

Pathology for Poultry Vets

PathPro is built on key disease categories rather than specific etiologic diagnoses. This identifies trends that guide more specific diagnostic investigation. Survey data is entered on the web rather than spreadsheets, which keeps things organized and encourages use by trained support personnel.

Insightful Trends and Analysis

Quickly generate comprehensive reports with multifaceted analysis of mortality and wellness trends. PathPro is designed for the vet’s wrap up meeting and for the detailed analysis in the final report. You can export presentation-quality charts as well as raw data for further analysis in programs like Excel.

Industry Ready

Commercial layer operations are set up in PathPro on an integrated production model of complexes, farms, houses, and flocks. Retired layer flocks are archived but available real-time for ongoing trend analysis. Pullet flocks are archived at transfer to the layer house for analysis of pullet health issues over time.

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